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Thread: fishing trip hopes around the first week in September?

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    Default fishing trip hopes around the first week in September?

    I have a couple of days around the 2nd and 3rd of September left over after a hunt and was curious if I could gather a little input on what might be a great one day fishing trip. Not real sure what would be good to fish for that time of year or who I might call. I will be in Anchorage and would love to take advantage of the opportunity of being up there and wrap up a griz hunt with a great fishing trip.

    If anyone has a suggestion and whom to call, I would really appreciate it.

    I'm game for about anything. Since I've never been to Anchorage it will all be new to me. I can't spend a fortune but just want to take advantage of already being in Alaska.


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    Hi, first off good luck on your Grizz hunt. The kenai river will have Silver Salmon at that time. The upper Kenai in Cooper landing will be producing great Rainbow trout. So, mostly your choice,Salmon or Trout. Any other info just PM me.


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