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Thread: Fishing Trip Maybe?? the first week in September.

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    Default Fishing Trip Maybe?? the first week in September.

    I have a couple of days around the 2nd and 3rd of September left over after a hunt and was curious if I could gather a little input on what might be a great one day fishing trip. Not real sure what would be good to fish for that time of year or who I might call. I will be in Anchorage and would love to take advantage of the opportunity of being up there and wrap up a griz hunt with a great fishing trip.

    If anyone has a suggestion and whom to call, I would really appreciate it.

    I'm game for about anything. Since I've never been to Anchorage it will all be new to me.


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    not much fishing right near anchorage in sept, you'd need to get out where the silvers are still running. might look into some day fly out trips from anchorage, or a car rental to whittier and a boat charter out into the ocean. that would be a good trip as well.
    do some google searches, or post a thread in the fishing forum, there are some boat charter guys in there that'd probably be able to get ya headed just right!
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    I hear the silver fishing can be great in early September right in the harbor at Whittier. You could rent a car for the day and by a cheap rod and reel combo to give them a whirl. You'll have some cash invested but probably less than a charter would cost. Just give the rig to a kid when you get done if you don't want to cart it home. Just an idea and it will hinge on the fish run.

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