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Thread: The Gulkana Report- July 9th

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    Default The Gulkana Report- July 9th

    Well, I can finally say that the Gulkana River has returned to normal water levels and the clarity is good. The mud issue coming out of the West Fork made fishing for Kings and early Reds challenging at best but with any luck that will translate into more Kings making it to the spawning beds this year. Will we ever see the return of the King runs in this state?

    We are currently putting in most of our groups at Paxon and Sourdough. I picked up a group yesterday who ran the upper section and they reported that the water levels are near perfect at the Canyon with enough water to make the Canyon section doable and the Rainbow fishing is hot! The best section for Rainbows still is in the canyon but the holes below the canyon are also producing lots of good fish. This group also reports that they say 2 groups run the Canyon fully loaded with very poor results. An empty boat is much easier to make corrections in that one loaded down with a weeks worth of camping gear. Another thing to think about is making sure all of your gear is secured in the raft with a cargo net set-up. Nothing sucks more than truing to fish your gear back out of the water because it was not tied down properly!

    Lakers are good at the exit of Paxon.My son and I boated down last week and found the Lakers hitting Dry Flies as well as spinners and larger spoons. We landed some good ones ranging from 2 1/2 to 5 pounds right in front of the new cabin. (Nice Cabin by the way!) There is a nice stream on the East side of the lake near the exit that is also producing smaller Lakers but good action. Expect fish in the 2-3 pound range on that side.

    Well, Happy Boating and tight lines. I have 2 groups on the water right now and will have their report in a few days! If you run into a group of Polish Fly Fisherman ask them how they are doing.

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals.

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    Hey, the Polish mafia that's us (plus one Scot, top photo)!
    Floating Gulkana was definitly the best part of our trip. Loads of grayling, some rainbows and lakers as well as whitefish (BTW. Does anyone fish for it?):

    As a camera man don't have too many photos from rafting, one of a very few below:

    No luck with swinging flies for kings this year, but that's another reason to come back in 2013. Gulkana rules!!!


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