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Thread: Looking for a used Wooldridge Alaskan 17ft Top

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    Default Looking for a used Wooldridge Alaskan 17ft Top

    Hello all,

    Anyone out there have a used Wooldridge top they'd like to sell or donate to a first time Alaskan boat owner? I just bought an Alaskan 17 foot but the guy threw the top away. He said it got ripped up in a big wind storm. I blew all my money on the boat so now I'm looking for a top that I can limp through the summer with before I buy a new one next year. The boat came with the poles...I guess. (Two large curved poles) I just figured one of you out there might have replaced your top and might have the old one around taking up space. I just need something to shed a little water and keep some of the wind off my wife. She agreed to the purchase, least I could do is try to keep her dryish. I'd have to be mailed out to Bethel but that shouldn't be too bad.


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    Default surprised

    I'm a little surprised. Do people not have new tops made? Or do they just replace the windows in old tops? I guess out here in Bethel it might be more common because of the strong winds that tend to rip them up.....

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    I cant speak for everyone but when I had a top replaced it was because my old one was shot. The old one went into the dumpster. Can't think of any reasons a boater would hang onto an old top.


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