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Thread: Using trail cameras at bait stations?

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    Default Using trail cameras at bait stations?

    I was wanting to get some thoughts on putting a trail camera at my bait station. Does anyone think that might scare the bears off?

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    Default Some of both...

    I've enjoyed the cameras in the past and it seems to vary. Some come right up to the camera trying to lick, sniff or pull off the camera. Most allow several pictures to take every 30 seconds while some seem to immediately disappear after one only one snap. I always turn it off if I'm in stand so I never see their reaction. For me its all worth while seeing the pics of the bears that have visited since you've last been in stand. I suppose it depends on the pressure in the area and if the bears are leary to begin with....

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    Default Trail Cameras

    I have used a camera at my site and it hasnt seemed to bother the bears at all. I have dozens of pictures of the bears actually looking in to, licking, or rubbing up against the camera. I enjoy looking at the pictures as much as actually hunting the stand.

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    Default one step further

    You could set a micro DVR & video camera with motion sensing capabilities and have great footage of the bait station for just a little more than the trail cameras. A basic setup you would use for security surveillance. You could go one step further and use an Infrared camera for night footage.


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