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Thread: Anyone done Homer to Kodiak in October?

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    Default Anyone done Homer to Kodiak in October?

    I'm still trying to decide what to do this fall for my elk/deer trip. Not sure if the boat is going to fit on the Tustemena and am just trying to educate myself before I decide what to do.

    If anyone has done this trip I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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    A friend did the trip several years ago, with a buddy that had a commercial fishing boat. Their return was delayed several weeks due to weather.
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    Oct is probably the most volatile month for weather.

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    That's what I'm worried about, and I'm not sure if my boat can get a ride on the ferry even if I wanted to. I'd really like to have it down there for the trip, but don't want to make a decision that I'm going to regret!

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    I'd say the most important consideration for that trip is the tides that will be running

    You could get a weather window, especially as it looks like your rig can scoot pretty good,
    though you might want to listen to the "Barren Island/Kamishak Bay Waters," weather forecasts for a while,
    it's Always More Intense through there, for wind, might surprise ya to hear it, compared to everywhere else in the area

    The Key, is to Make Sure and check out the tidal current story, through the Barren Islands area, it can get really crazy
    so depending on when you are going to travel, get online, you should be able to find a lot, or
    find someone with good Navigation Software, there's really good info available on those programs, will tell you exactly what to expect

    Then Be Real Humble shooting through there, but it is quite an adventure that time of year,....

    You can do it if you're able to be patient
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    When I took the Tusty last October there was a 40'-45' semi trailer on it and also a class A motorhome.
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    Iceman- that's what I'm hoping for is to get on the ferry, the only thing that would keep me from doing that would be trailer length, I haven't ran a tape from hitch to prop yet (boats not where I'm am right now), but I think I'll be right at or over the 40' they say is the limit. Need to call the guys at the terminal and get an exact number from them for what they can load. But the dates would line up perfectly with the ferry schedule and my planned dates for my hunt.

    KR- the tides around when I would be heading down are at the biggest magnitude of that tidal cycle, about 16' moving around Ushagat, the return tides are way more favorable with only 4' or so moving. I've been down towards TW Barrens on a big tide and I hear ya, it gets wicked in a hurry. The boat scoots plenty, but I gotta waller around in anything over 4' just like everybody else. If there was a weather window I would have no problem burning up the fuel to make it over in a hurry, but the ferry option takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

    Thanks for the input guys, I want this trip to be a good one and don't want to get into a bind if I can avoid it!

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    Another option if it is available, is the Kennicot. It has a longer turn table (60' i think, compared to the tusty's 40') I don't know what the schedule is, but it would be worth looking into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiak486 View Post
    Another option if it is available, is the Kennicot. It has a longer turn table (60' i think, compared to the tusty's 40') I don't know what the schedule is, but it would be worth looking into.
    I just read yesterday that the Kennicot only runs there when the Tusty is in for maintenance...??? Maybe I read it wrong?
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    On the ferry website, it has the Tusty scheduled for our time frame. Plus I think I might be trying to get off in Port Lions and I don't believe the Kennicott goes in there.

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