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Thread: No Dipnet Kings This Year

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    Default No Dipnet Kings This Year

    ADF&G Issued an emergency order today prohibiting the retention of King Salmon in the Kenai River Dipnet Fishery this year.

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    I was expecting this and am glad they did it!
    Thanks for the update.
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    What's kind of ironic/funny/notable about this lack of kings and everyone getting shut down... The ONLY user group that wasn't EO'd out of the water was the Personal Use Setnet group. They got to fish without restriction while everyone else was sent home. Trust me, that was noticed by everyone from saltwater guides to river guides to commercial set and drift netters. And it raised a lot of anger amonst those folks. I've heard a lot of scuttle back from some Kasilof commercial setnetters about how they see the PU setnet fishery as being "out of control" and doing a lot of damage. I've never gone down to watch for myself, but this is the perception that the comm setnetters are getting as they sit there watching the hoards fishing their commercial sites during a period that the comm setnetters voluntarily stopped fishing over a decade ago in order to protect the Kings. From their POV, the PU group is cutting in there to take as many Kings as they can without regard to the longevity of the run.


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