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Thread: Port Lions boat launch?

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    Default Port Lions boat launch?

    Does anyone know if there is a ramp there and if so, what kind of shape it's in? I'm going on a hunt down there this fall and am trying to figure out my options for ferrying the boat down.

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    There is a boat launch by the Ferry Dock on the Port Wakefield side...

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    Default Port Lions

    Hey Jamie, did this trip in 09, concrete launch in PL was basically unusable... we ended up launching off the beach... wouldn't recommend it for your boat. There is also a very steep gravel/dirt launch at the harbor that we used pulling out, but again, the weight of your boat, i don't think that would work... barely got out with my 22' North River. I sent you a message on FB, but better option is to Ferry to Kodiak and launch out of Anton Larsen. Launch there is in great shape, plus there is a dock there that you can load get. We also got stuck in PL because the Tusty broke down and the Kennicott is too big to use the PL dock... another reason to use Kodiak/Anton Larsen. I attached a pic of the PL dock in 09. Don't think they've fixed it since then.


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    Whoa, yeah, that looks a little sketchy. I'm gonna give you a shout in a minute, thanks T.


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