So here is what happened. I was towing my West Marine raft behind the boat in PWS, I have done this sevaral times before, but for some reason this time one of the seams blew out, the one just as the bow straightens out. Anyways we look back and the raft is not tracking like it should so I do a couple of turns not knowing that it has a hole in it trying to get it back on track with no luck, so i shut down the boat and we notice that the raft is starting to sink. We pull the raft to the boat and relieze that the seam has a 5 inch rip in it, so we then struggle for about an hour to get the raft into the boat (the ripped pontoon was full of water). So now my question is how do i go about fixing or getting this seam repaired? I see that from the website of west marine that the seams are heat sealed, should this be how it is repaired? Or can i just get glue and a patch kit and do it myself? Are there any businesses out there that do these type of repairs? I just want to make sure that the repair is done right, I may need to use this raft at some point in an emergency situation (but i hope not).