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Thread: Sea Runner versus Pro V

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    Default Sea Runner versus Pro V

    Need advice from someone with saltwater experience with the Hewescraft Pro V and Sea Runner lines... I fish and crab saltwater almost exclusively, and want a boat in the 20 foot or 22 foot range. Will be putting a hard top on hardtop will be ok. I like the way the pro v is layed out, lots of fishing room. The Sea Runner has a deeper V, but not dramatically more, but is a variable deadrise, versus the constant deadrise in the pro v. Both boats have a 6' bottom. Both boats have similar material thicknesses. The 64 dollar question in my mind is how well the pro v would handle in the two-and-three-foot-chop you see so often in bays and close-off-shore fishing.
    Any experience in having been out in the soup with the pro v out there?

    Thanks in-advance.

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    I was asking the same question, and here is the response I got from Hewescraft:

    Thank you for your request. We have just returned from a visit to Valdez and can better appreciate the water conditions you experience. Our ProV 200 with motorwell offering for 2012 Model Year will be expanded to include an 18í and a 20í with ETís (Extended Transoms).These will be available for order starting with our 2013 Model Year that begins Sept. 1st. Youíll need to check with your local dealer to see when they will have these new models. As far as handling rough water, they do quite well although the Sea Runner is even better suited for it. The 200 SR (Sea Runner) has 21 degrees of deadrise amidship which is noticeably more than the 15 degrees of deadrise on the 200 ProV.In addition the 200 ProV has a more forward justified windshield than the SR which provides more cockpit space in the ProV but not as smooth of a ride as the SR.Our medium duty suspension system is one item you may wish to consider with your dealer if you decide to order the ProV.

    I am holding off for a 22' SR ET, but thought this might help you in your decision. ET on the ProV for next years models.
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