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Thread: Wanting to do some home tanning

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    Default Wanting to do some home tanning

    I have a couple hides I'd like to try and do some home tanning on. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of products to use. Brand names and where to get them would be greatly appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Lanche View Post
    I have a couple hides I'd like to try and do some home tanning on. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of products to use. Brand names and where to get them would be greatly appreciated.

    Van Dykes Taxidermy Supplies is where I order all my supplies. There are several products available but I got the best tans from EZ Tan and used Protal Tan Oil to oil the tan after it was done. Van Dykes offers a complete Tanning Kit which contains EZ Tan and Protal as well as pickling crystals, enough to tan a deer hide.

    Great products, but tedious and hard work. Make sure you have a couple of plastic drums, at least 30 gal and a ventilated area to leave the drums while the tanning works, 3 to 5 days. Your wife won't like the smell in the house, I do all mine in the garage in the summer because the tan dosen't take very well when its below 70*.

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    Do you have a link to a website?

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    Here is the link to Van Dykes. Enjoy


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    Default I've used Hide Tanning Formula in the orange bottle, it's an easy one step that works

    Ok, i've used the paste based alum stuff and it is ok....

    but, on fox and beaver i have used the HTF, in the orange you can find it here or anywhere....all you do is flesh hide, wash well/degrease, salt twice two days in row, rewet and apply the HTF oil, then cover in plastic bag or turn hide skin to skin for apprx. 12 to 24 hours.....then uncover and begin to let dry...then work the hide when it is about 3/4 dry so it is pliable...

    NOW, i've had awesome luck on fox and thin skined animals wihtout even working it...just make sure you have taken the thin membrane layer off the fox, just not the comes out as good as the ones i have had tanned at moyle mink tannery....

    beaver...i have tanned beaver and had great luck with it, but, you gotta stretch the hide well, rub on application on and let it set in for 15 or more minutes, then rub two more applications on the same way and I mean message them in with a SCRAPER, etc each time......and then when it is 2/3 dry the next day, remove the trash bag that you covered it with and then you need to work the heck out of the hide to break will not be as soft as what the tannery does, BUT, it will sew garments better...hold hair better, last longer...the natives i sew with love my beaver...but, i would not use it for my hats, i would use the softer tannery is some work though to break it before it dries unless your setup in a shop....

    You HAVE to cover or turn hide inside to keep the formula from evaporating too soon.....i keep it covered for at least 12 hours, and then uncover for up to another 12 hours...sometimes i let beaver sit there 24 covered to sink in all the way...then you gotta let it sit uncovered for hours to dry and then before it is totally dry, break the hide in....

    the down side....after you apply the oil, you gotta becareful not to get it on the clean hair...but, it washes out pretty easy with first using corn meal to rub in the hair...then take a soapy towl, etc and wash the hair...if the dried leather gets wet, that is fine, just let it dry...i would not resubmerge the hair, but, put it on a board at an angle if it is real oily, then use a generous amount of water/suds to wash the hair, letting the excess water drain off the board and not onto the hide....make sense?.....

    anyway, i have seen the stuff that takes the PH balance, etc and i have heard great things about it, but that it also takes alot of work....i'm busy with teaching in the bush, so, i use the HTF for my sewing stuff....then send out my gifts, taxidermy stuff to moyle mink tannery....

    Oh, ive used it on a martin...sooooo, i'm sure it will do anything less than a beaver....make sure it is degreased well....
    Scotty in the AK bush


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