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Thread: Sportjet 200 Oil Change Help

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    Default Sportjet 200 Oil Change Help

    I posted this on the Meanchicken site but have not gotten an explanation of the issues I am having so I thought I would also post it on here to see if anyone can assist me.

    So I am in the process of changing the gear oil in my sportjet 200. I had previously removed both plugs in front of the intake and let it drain for 2 days. I tried filling it today by pumping the oil into the center plug a d was watching for it to come out the side plug. Well I pumped about 3/4 of a litre into it and nothing and out the vent. I put the vent plug back in and pulled the hose off the center plug and was surprised that a bunch of oil shot out with pressure behind it. I later realized that the boat was sitting much lower in the bow while the instructions say to have the boat level.

    Why the heck would it pressure up like that if the vent plug was out?

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    I had the same thing happen to me because I had the bow of my boat up high when I leveled it out I had no problems dont know about pressure but I can tell you the oil when it came out got all over me LOL. Get in touch with AKGRAVELPUMPER her on the forum he know just about anything there is to know about sportjets hope this helps. Chris
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