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Thread: Whittier Herring June 30-Jul1

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    Default Whittier Herring June 30-Jul1

    Heard there were some decent sized herring in Whittier and I had to stay close to home so "why not?"

    The herring were good sized. Nothing smaller than Green Label, I'd say most were the purple label sized herring. It seemed that anytime the rigs dropped below 20ft, I was catching pollock. The sonar was still lit up like baitfish so I thought I'd drop a camera down. Well here's the answer. Sorry about the camera motion. I need to figure out a way to better stabilize the motion. But if you want to see what lurks near the docks in whittier and the "food" in the water, here ya go.

    Herring pics:

    Me and my kayak...if ya see me, stop and say hello!

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    Nice work! I`m excited to see that...I`ll have my 6 year old out wednesday in the bay to do some catching and she got all wound up seeing your video.

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