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Thread: Little Nelchina, Nel. & Tazlina Update

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    Default Little Nelchina, Nel. & Tazlina Update

    As of today there is a TON of wood on the Little Nelchina. We were able to avoid portaging but the river is very pushy at its current height. We had a fairly clean run at it with the dog going for a swim once when I bumped a rock. The group that left after us was less fortunate. They lost their gat tank for their kicker and one of the passengers went for a nasty swim. It took us less than an hour to reach the Nelchina River.

    The Nelchena was also high. No major run ins just fast. Four hours got us to Tazlina Lake.

    Tazlina Lake was flat and the wind worked in our favor. We tested my new kicker setup on our raft and after some minor adjustments we were moving at 5.2 mph at full throttle with a 2 hp engine and we cruised at 4.8 at 3/4 throttle. It took under 2 hours to cross the lake.

    Tazlina Rive started out with a bang! We could tell that the lake was much higher than previously with all the vegetation in the water. The rapid leaving the lake had 4' waves and boat sucking eddies on each side. Prepare to get wet and hit the rapids straight on. The next 15-20 miles are class 2 with some nasty rocks and holes to avoid. Just before house rock there is a massive rapid that would do much more damage than house rock rapid its self! Stay river right on this rapid or pay the price. At this water level house rock rapid can be ran on either side and to avoid the 4-5 foot wave trains from the previous rapid I would run it river right it I could rerun it. From there down are lots of big wave trains that were pitching my 14.3R around but we maneuvered them fine. The Tazlina took 7 hours.

    The fishing was good at Mandelta but a strike out at a few other creeks. Animals were out to, we saw moose, caribou, brown bear and black bears. A little more than I was expecting with my loaded boat but it was a great time and keep us alert and awake. I would love to have ran it in the packraft with those big wave trains! I got a fair amount of footage and am heading off shore for work so I will have some time to get caught up with all my video projects.


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    Default JR highwater again!

    Wow JR, if a drought comes along we will make sure to get you on the water, sounds like another highwater adventure for you and your crew.
    I had this college professor who kayaked the Tazlina, several years ago, and was on the river when an outburst from the glacier let loose. The river was extremely full, and was pulsating from the sides, which was creating serious lateral waves, so they elected to camp for a couple of days to let the water receed.

    I guess the Tazlina must get some pretty big features, when it's really high, gaging from a few high water reports.

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    Thanks for the report jr. I planned on taking my kids and decided to put it off and do another river this week instead.
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    Appreciate an update, if anybody does this run this week.

    I will be running the latter part of next week (put on 7/11).

    tisk tisk, looks like rain !

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    Please post an update if you make this run this week.

    I will be putting on the latter part of next week (7/11), and would apprecaite any new info on water levels after this front passes through. (tsk, tsk, looks like rain!!)

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    Just got back from this trip.

    Rivers seem to be running at moderate levels compared to last trips, and our float times were longer than 440's.
    Both channels of house rock are open and runable, left channel was very large with a big eddy.


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