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Thread: ATV tire question....

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    Default ATV tire question....

    Okay, I'll admit that I'm not the sharpest tack in the drawer when it comes to ATV tires. I know all about car/truck tire sizes. My ATV tire got a RR spike through it, so i need another. I found somebody on Craigslist with spare tires for an ATV. I need to know if they will fit my rim or not? I have no idea what number correlates to the rim size on my ATV. The tire that blew is a 25 *11-10. The replacement tires are 25 *10-12. Will these fit onto my ATV rim as a replacement? Any advice would be helpful. I'm planning on picking these up within the next day or two. But, if they don't fit my rim...why spend the money.
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    The last number is usually the rim size. A 25x11x10 is a tire with a 25" diameter, 11" tread width and requires a 10" rim. With a 4x4, all you need to worry about is keeping the diameter the same on all four tires and the bolt hole pattern.

    There are a lot of 12" aftermarket rims that will fit your machine. Just make sure the bolt pattern is correct. Going with a wider tire usually isn't a problem on the rear, but on the front it may rub the tie rod ends which could require spacers or different rims with a larger offset.

    On my 6x6 I went 1" wider in the rears and 2" wider in the front and had to put spacers under the front rims to gain the clearance. If you have different diameters, it will stress your gearbox because in 4 wheel drive the tires will be turning at different speeds.

    To answer your question though, no those tires won't fit your stock rims.

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    I have a 2 set of used tires you can have a set if you want. I got new tread for my wheelers and now have 2 sets of stockers sitting around. One set has 600 miles and the other 800. Located in eagle river. This applys to all. Send me an e mail if interested.

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    Default NO

    Simple answer. You do need X-X-12 to fit your rims.


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