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Thread: Dock in Jakolof Bay?

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    Default Dock in Jakolof Bay?

    Hey Guys,
    Just wondering what options there are for public docks in Tutka Bay or Jakolof Bay. I was talking to a guy at the launch in Homer that said the dock in Jakolof Bay was pretty nice.
    We have enjoyed Halibut Cove Lagoon and enjoy the docks there, I just hate anchoring up because I am a worrier and don't want my boat floating away and don't have much anchoring experience. Also, I would be interested in any other docks in the area that would allow private boats to tie up, fees or not. Definitely interested in experiencing more if the area. Thanks for the help.

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    No dock in Tutka, unless you are staying and paying at the Tutka Bay Lodge. But that's a verrrry pricey option.

    The dock in Jakolof is a state facility, free to use, and is very nice. The road to Seldovia is there, so you could bring your bikes and ride the 12 miles to the village, or head the other way to Red Mountain and the former chrome mine there.

    Jakolof is a beautiful little bay and has a decent natural run of silvers later in the fall. Enjoy.

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    Come around the corner to Seldovia and use the trans. parking, very inexpensive and protected from WX.


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