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Thread: moose hunt in unit 18

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    Question moose hunt in unit 18

    I'm looking for some information and advice concerning a unit 18 moose hunt on the yukon between russian mission and emmonak. Can you rent a boat from one of the villages? What air services to contact? Is there an outfitter in the area? If hunted for 3 weeks, can a 60 inch bull be expected. This will be a 2 person bow hunt. What kind of weather can be experienced?

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    You might as well wait till after may 3rd to see if the federal subsistence board lifts the ban on non local hunters in unit 18. Currently, most of us can't hunt there as it is most all fed land, and under fed subsistence hunting regs.
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    Mid-Sept to the end the big bulls come out more often chasing tail. Devil's Elbow below Russian Mission has plenty of moose, and if you are patient you can see 60" below Mtn Village. Bow hunting, no one does it here though. Be prepared to pay $5 or more for a gallon of gas though.
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