Family outings can be fun, but any vacation these days whether on a weekend trip or two weeks can be decidedly expensive. I have always been the outdoor type and although I have had the same job for over a decade I really donít have the money for motel rooms. For over 30 years, I have been an avid gold prospector, so I needed some form of reasonably priced tent for at least three people. I am a bit nervous of laying on a ground sheet, so preferable the back of my truck where I could sleep. Anyway, nothing I saw publicized worked out for me, especially for my wife and 2 kids. Then I saw this big truck pass me with this unusual tent attached to the bed. It was near Los Angeles airport, so I pulled alongside and caught the driverís attention. After stopping near the terminal, he gave me a tour of this (I guess) soft shell camper. It was absolutely perfect for my needs and found the cost was just less than $500.

This camper shape is over 6 foot tall and tons of room inside to move around, and to keep equipment as metal detectors dry. There is ample ventilation, including windows and the Inventor gave me a quick ride around. It took me less than 30 minutes to assemble the camper on the back of my truck, and I have already used it for gold prospecting and even taking my son fishing. What really compensated me for the camper was it costs nothing in gas to drive it anywhere. I recommend this camper/ tent to any outdoorsman or women who spend a lot of time, in the desert or the rough back roads of America. Itís a great money saver and every treasure hunter should check it out at website. There are also great pictures, a video and even testimonials on website. I couldnít have purchased anything better, for any enthusiast, at a reasonable price for any kind of outdoorsman. I even use the camper for work.

For years I worked on passenger ships and have detected all around the world. Started my own Historical map company, sold it but still have over 32-36 thousands state, country, township and range, railroad, mining, civil war and a whole host more. The majority of the maps are all in color. Found gold in the Mojave Desert in California. Hunted in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and England where I was born. Being a Crew member on Princess Cruises, I have made regular trips to Skagway, Juneau along the inside passage. One of my favorite outdoor pasttimes is reel fishing, which helps to keep the stress away. Took my family along the Trans Alaska highway, with this camper tent I purchased a few summers ago. I have located old medieval and Roman coins along the River Thames foreshore. Over the years I have purchased numerous metal detectors including a Garrett and Whites. I wrote thirteen Historical map books that are now out of print, which illustrated the latest USGS map that you could compare next to a earliest ĎTopoí map ever printed.