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Thread: Major Company .300 RUM Brass Unusable

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    Default Major Company .300 RUM Brass Unusable

    A major green company producing rifles, shotguns, sidearms, and just began producing AR's made some RUM brass that is a bad joke.

    My rifle is on the way up from Colorado so bought two bags of 50 pieces from Sinclair. Opened a bag to pull out a case and was astonished to see the flash hole visibly off center. Using the fingers of my left hand to stabilize the case, I slowly spun it with my right. The flash hole described a circle with only an edge actually in the center of the primer pocket. Another 39 cases were as bad or worse. Ten cases out of the bag had centered flash holes. I am not going to bother to open the second bag.

    I ordered two boxes of 50 pieces each of the Nosler brass from Midway. Still waiting on the Norma brass backordered at Sinclair. I am really looking forward to trying theirs.

    Check that brass before you drop the green.
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    I had a little trouble with a couple Nosler cases two years ago. They had split necks as delivered wrapped in the plastic. That made me doubt their "hand inspected" claim. They replaced the defective cases and added a few extra.

    Overall I've been very pleased with the Nosler cases in the 300RUM and all others I've tried. The finish and weight sort is remarkable.

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    Even worse: I once had a new W-W 44-Mag case that had a primer pocket, but NO FLASH-HOLE! Dunno what would have happened if I hadn't seen it and loaded it up like all the other normal cases...
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