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Thread: Apparent mistake at GEOS and failure to respond to SPOT SOS signal

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    Default Apparent mistake at GEOS and failure to respond to SPOT SOS signal

    This probably deserves its own thread even though it relates to my discussion of the inReach device.

    The report is not complete but apparently human error resulted in failure to notify the Coast Guard that an SOS signal had been received. Two sailors lost their lives in a grounding accident.

    It would be unfair to draw conclusions or point fingers at this time. It is also unfair to speculate whether or not the sailors would have been saved if the Coast Guard had been notified. It is worthwhile to note, however, that we sometimes engage in risky business and our electronic gadgets are sometimes only electronic gadgets.

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    I think it's important for people to be prepared to self-rescue and to handle medical issues on their own, regardless. Even if a signal gets through, there's no guarantee that rescue resources are available (they may be on a prior call already) or that the weather will cooperate enough to allow an extraction. PLB's, SPOT, cell phones are all great but people should be prepared to handle their own issues because they may have to.
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