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    Only seen a couple of mentions of them on here so I figured I would throw a pic of mine up. Bought it last year and have taken it out a few times so far. I am going to head up to Byers this weekend with the family and row-troll for lakers. I figure I am taking things slow with the canoe got it and paddles last year, bought oars this year (figure that will work better for getting across lakes and combating wind). Next year I plan on having a minn-kota for it and eventually a 5 hp. I don't have any experience in canoes so I figure that taking the family out a hand full of times and not coming home wet yet is doing pretty good. One thing I did notice is that the factory pic on Old Towns website only has one set of oar lock holders at the middle seat mine has a set there and at the bow seat (where the paddles are crossed). Anyway here she is:

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    Most setups I've seen like that are for pull rowing facing back wards or push rowing facing forward. Nice rig
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