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Thread: Kenai vs Kasilof - What's the best net length?

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    Default Kenai vs Kasilof - What's the best net length?

    I have heard that the Kasilof has a sharp shelf drop off that is fairly close to shore. Therefore a 10 ft net is better to keep the loop inside of the drop. The Kenai however supposedly has a gradual drop where 20 ft length nets are preferable to get the loop further out where there is presumably less competition for the fish. Anyone care to agree or disagree? What is the best setup for the Kenai?

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    Yes, you can do better at Kenai with a longer handle. The Kenai is considerably wider than the Kasilof. The terrain at Kasilof has the fish running along the beaches. They tend to be a bit further out at the Kenai. That said, you can successfully fish both places with a typical 10-foot handled net... or a 20-foot handle. The location of the net is just as much a factor of where you stand.
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    Here is my observation from only one year of experience dipping in the Kenai, so take it for what it's worth. I had a long handled (20ft+-) net and it was a pain in the butt holding it in the current of the river. When I was fishing in the river as the tide was coming in, I wish I had a shorter handle. Standing in waist or chest deep water and I wasn't getting any more fish then the people next to me with 6-10ft nets. Heck, people were catching fish behind us too. Shorter handles give you alot more control over the fish too. Long handles are great for when you are fishing more into the inlet and you have to deal with waves coming in and swamp you, or when you don't want to stand no more then knee deep in the water. Other then that, they are more work then they are worth. I now have a 5ft diameter on a 10ft pole. That will be my net of choice when wading. Have a 4ft diameter with a 6ft pole for dipping from a boat. Can't really talk about the difference between the two rivers as I don't have much experience at Kasilof.


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