Hi everybody, my name is Alfredo and I'm from Italy

I'm planning to visit Alaska next september, looking for wilderness.
We are two, backcountry experienced, landing in Anchorage at the end of August for a 10 days vacancy.
I'm looking for a canoe round trip starting from a place with canoe rental and accessible with pubblic transportation
we are used to canoeing, but prefer not to risk our lives in tremendous rapids.
We saw the Savonosky loop in Katmai, everything is ok but the fares are so expensive to get there and i'm not sure where to book the canoe... so:
ii it possible to rent a conoe in King salmon and start the loop there? Do you know some canoe rental in King salmon/Brooks camp?

Otherway, any suggestion for a round canoe trip with great wildlife easily accesible from Anchorage?

Thank you in advance