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Thread: For those wanting to move to Alaska and "live off the land"....a good article

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    Default For those wanting to move to Alaska and "live off the land"....a good article

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    It is indeed. One hopes it is widely read . . .

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    That article so true about living in the bush and i tell you from my own time up here it was hard enough at times with people who do it full time and then you have a guy like me who is not so bush savy under there feet and it can be super hard on them to get the supplies they need in for the coming winter .To help out i did bring each time i went to my wife village i bought in supplies also to help with me beening under foot at times when it came to getting the things ready for the winte breath on the land and my father in law and brother in law allways help me with my lessons of living in the bush

    But they did teach me something everytime we went out with them about to stay alive in the area we where in and what to do when something happens that was not planned on .but all things it take's time to learn the right way and wrong way of living off the land and i think that you have to learn the lesson first before trying to go that route of living in the bush

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    I landed in Fairbanks this last January 28, it was sixty below!!! I moved myself and what little left I had out into the Alaskan Bush. I know for a fact, that I could not have made it out here through my first winter without some consistant help. I was setup with my own cabin, but it too 4 days to get that cabin warm enough where I couldn't see my breath! It was the coldest few days I ever experienced. I will be the first to warn, unless you are over prepared and or you have someone already here who is willing to ensure you don't die, don't even think about it, because 60 below zero is no fairy tale!God BlessJeff
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