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    I have a Johnson 50 hp that a guy says has a restrictor plate making it a 35 hp. I'm hoping someone might have a guess how expensive an operation it would be to return it to 50 hp as he didn't. I bought it and a project boat separately 4 years ago then promptly got hurt but I am finally closing in on a "this season launch"...I don't think 35 hp is going to cut it since the recommended power band is 50-70. The outboard is a 2 stroke...I think a '98. Thanks for any help!

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    The plate should be in the airbox between the filter and the carb. It's most likely a small washer size disc that has holes cut in it to reduce the airflow. It's quite possible that your ob came with a certain size plate to run at 50hp, but a smaller plate has been used to detune it to 35hp. Be careful removing this plate and running it without, as it could be harmful to your engine. My advice is to check with a Johnson dealer and see about getting the original plate (if it came with one) to put in there. They may tell you it's ok to run without one.

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    I appreciate the advice, Charlie. Thanks!


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