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Thread: Juneau rod building?

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    Default Juneau rod building?

    I need help wrapping and finishing the guides on 1 section of a fly rod blank. Does anyone in Juneau do this for hire?

    Note: I have the expertise to do this; I've built several rods. But spare time is very sparse for me right now, and paying someone to do a top-notch job for me is worth it.


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    You might ask down at the fly fishing shop.

    I'm wrapping a guide on a halibut rod for a buddy. Bought some flex coat, but still looking for my wrapping thread. I've done a few rods myself and it's really not worth the time. If you need top-notch, rule me out.

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    I don't know about Juneau, but there are several places and people in Anchorage that build custom rods. Check Craigslist for a couple of ads in the sporting section. Maybe one of them can finish your rod for you. You'd have to mail it to them, but shipping is fairly inexpensive, especially if it's a 3 or 4 piece rod. Good luck...


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