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Thread: Water levels on the Delta?

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    Default Water levels on the Delta?

    Would anyone know how the water levels are on the delta? My father and I are planning on going up to tangle lakes to float the Delta in canoe. Seeing that all of the rivers down here are pretty high I didnt want to risk anything that far from home. Even if you have experience with this let me know...

    Thanks in advance


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    you can look at teh noaa website for current levels and other data:

    its been a few years since i've been down the delta. so i don't remember what constitutes a normal, above/below normal flow. but, i'd guess its about normal as it really hasn't been raining that much that i'm aware of.

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    The water levels on the Delta are up a bit higher than normal but that makes the trip easier. By July most years the Delta out of the lower Tangles can get real thin and harder to grab a blade load of water. The water levels now are about perfect for a lively trip but it is a river for folks with a sense of adventure and skill set. The 1st mile below the falls require some quick action and smart paddling. Lots of spots to get wrapped around rocks and killer fishing.

    The Delta is one of the nicest road accessible short trips in the state and is something all river enthusiast should under take.

    We place a limited number of groups on the Delta each summer because most folks feel safer in a raft and the portage around the falls scares away many.

    Good luck on your trip and respect the falls!

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