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Thread: Japan Tsunami Debris, arriving sooner than later...This from ADF&G

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    Default Japan Tsunami Debris, arriving sooner than later...This from ADF&G

    Tsunami marine debris is arriving sooner than initially expected on the Pacific north western coasts, including Alaska. Boaters will want to be aware of the hazards of this debris. Small debris can be collected and disposed of or recycled. Larger, hazardous, or unmanageable debris could be a safety risk and should be left alone and reported to local DEC, DNR or ADF&G agencies. Marine debris, especially large accumulations can also be reported to The person reporting the debris should be able to provide location, date and time found, photos and other relevant descriptions. Notably, not all debris is from the tsunami so discretion should be used when reporting items. ADF&G is especially interested in any organisms that may have hitchhiked a ride across the ocean to Alaska waters, especially those that may be able to live in Alaska waters or on our shorelines. So if debris is found with living organisms on board, please call 1-877-INVASIV (4682748)

    For more information about Japan tsunami marine debris visit NOAA’s marine debris page:

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    Hmmm. Picked up all of these on our trip from Yakutat to Valdez. Japanese fishing buoys. I'd really prefer the glass buoys.
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    Washington State and Oregon are crapping their pants right now. Hugh dock drifted up on an Oregon beach and all they could talk about was evasive species. Washington had a 12ft row boat wash up from japan INSIDE the Columbia River at Illwaco.

    They have had over a year to prepare and they have done very little....

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