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    I have been trying to get to Bench Lake (on Bald Mt near Houston) on my quad for a while now, but can't find the trail from Houston in the summer. Winter is no problem, but I was told there was a trail somewhere near the Houston Fire Dept that leads to the lake. Went with some friends today and we found several trails but no luck. I know there is a trail at Shrock Rd, but I am looking for a different one. If anyone knows where the trailhead is, could you please give me directions. We went all the way to the end of Armstrong Rd too, but there is a gate and "Road Closed" signs because it goes into BLM land. Seems to me the trail would be just past that, but I have no clue. Thanks if you can help!

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    You might try W Snuffy's Rd. or W Flying Crown Dr. they are the closes roads by Bench lake.


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