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Thread: Scott Rod - Upper Kenai

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    Default Scott Rod - Upper Kenai

    I woke up on the High Bank on the Kenai (just below the power line) Friday morning to find my 9', twin tip (6wt and 8 wt tips), Scott rod missing from my boat. It was still in the rod tube and had not been used that day This is an heirloom rod received from an old fishing partner who passed away. I normally don't take the rod but did as a last second back-up. My theory is the cat tubes became a little flat after launching in the cold water and the rod fell between the frame and tube unnoticed. A very weak theory at best and it is possible (but highly unlikely) that it was left at Sportsman's. In short, it is a mystery. If someone does find the rod and is kind enough to shoot me an IM, I'd appreciate it.


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    Man, that bites. Did you ever find it or any clues?


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