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Thread: looking for a fishing partner near fairbanks

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    Default looking for a fishing partner near fairbanks

    So I'm fairly new to fly fishing and I've gotten my cast down pretty well I've caught some grayling in some sloughs around town but feel I still have a lot to learn. So I'm looking for Someone to go out and spend some time fishing with this coming weekend. Just looking for tips and information and just spending some time on the water. Any help would be great thanks

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    FF18 contact the Mid Night Sun FLy Casters Assoc. Although they don't meet during the summer there are some very good people involved and I am sure would be willing to help. Also go visit Big Rays fly shop down town Fairbanks. He will point you in a good direction. If you are DOD, Mil or have access to FWW July 12 we will be putting on a free Seminar with a little fishing added. Nothing Special just basics with set up and casting with a little timing and tactics.



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