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Thread: Mat-Su Trails Council Projects

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    Default Mat-Su Trails Council Projects

    Sutton: Several miles the main trail between Slipper Lake and Moose Creek have been brushed. There is still much to do. Some of the work is pending permission from private land owners. We might get back out there this fall or will finish up next spring. Budget ~25k

    Plumley-Maud ATV Trail: McRoberts Creek stream bank restoration begins next week. This is a continuation a the project begun several years ago when we built the bridge across the spawning area. This years project is big. We have formed a partnership with State, Federal, Corporations and non-profits to secure enough funding to make this a reality. Budget ~80k

    Hatcher Pass - Arch Angel Road: this is a continuation of last years project where we opened up an old trail for snowmachines from Gold Mint parking lot. This year we are cutting the brush back on Arch Angel Road. Budget ~10k

    Those are the big ones for this year. There are a few other small projects also in varying states of progress.

    If you are not a member of the Council please consider joining. Even if you can't attend the monthly meetings numbers count when we are out raising money. Like us on FB too.

    Happy Trails

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    Scott, what can be done to help the Plumley Maud project once it start? Some of us may have time and energy to be involved if you need it.

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    hi to all I am deaf from wasilla me and my family have atv and utv we love rode anywhere but I never been in plumley-maud so can you tell me where is it also I would love to help to anything with it I also would love to attend to meeting but plm is that I work night shift my day off is on fri and sat please let me know anything we can help


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