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Thread: My Yamaha Phazer seized up.

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    Default My Yamaha Phazer seized up.

    Ok, so I was waterskipping's a spring pastime in my town...and well...on my very last 1998 Yamaha Phazer bogged down and I sounded like it had sucked up some water. After a couple minutes, I couldn't turn the pull starter cord. It is totally seized. Suggestions? Some people told me to pour oil down the seized cylinder and it might work. Would appreciate any advice.

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    If it did suck up some water, it may just be hydro-locked. Have you pulled the spark plugs and tried pulling the engine over to clear the cylinders of water? If there is water in the cylinder, it won't be able to compress and will lock the engine up.

    If you burned a piston, check the ends of the plugs for little specks of molten aluminum. If you see them, it will be a rebuild (I just got done doing mine... ).

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