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    Posted this in the fly fishing forum but it really seems to be a dead forum lately so im posting it here.

    So family is going out to sutton area to kings river to do some atv riding. since i dont own one or have one to ride i figured i would pack up my raft and catch a ride up to ruby lake and do some trout fishing. anyone ever been up there? how is the trail to the lake and how far down the trail is it from the main trail? gonna be nice with nymphs and dry-flys. looking forward to this weekend.

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    I have only been there once and it was while four wheeling around. I didn't fish it but saw many people fly fishing it. I remember some pretty deep mud pits on the trail there. This was about 5 years ago. You can drive the wheeler right up to the lake.

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    I too have only been there once while riding around. Not sure about the fish but b sure to bring lots of bug dope. Hoards of skeeters!! Good luck


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