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    Default hydrofoil

    Anyone have any experience(good or bad, for or against) in using a hydrofoil on an outboard?

    I've seen the Doel-Fin, the SE Sport and the StingRay... Any recommendations out there...?

    I'm just looking for a modification that is affordable and that might improve the preformance of my set up...

    I'm running a Yamaha 4 stroke 115hp on a 20' Hewes Craft Sea Runner (soft top)....

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    I may not have a high horsepower outboard but I have used a doel-fin on my 8 horse Suzk on the back of my 16' Osagian for years with excellent results. The doel-fin is exactly what my setup needed to get up on step, otherwise the nose of the boat would point towards the clouds.

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    My experience with the Stingray on a smaller outboard was that it made a huge difference, planing out of the hole much faster and shallower and eliminated porpoising. My inlaws had put one on their old Fiberform (chevy 350 I/O), not sure what brand of hydrofoil. It worked good until something smacked it and broke half it off, yes that was our first trip out of Seward with it installed. I also put a Stingray on my Dad's 25hp merc and we broke it the first time out as well. I think we attempted to chop up a salmon and the hydrofoil lost. The replacement on the 25hp merc is still there today but it doesn't have many hours on it. I guess bottom line is they work as long as you don't break it After all, the ones I have seen and used are plastic.

    I forgot about the fin on my last boat. It had a 25hp Johnson, the fin had been there for a long time and still functioned well. I guess in my experience we had a 50/50 chance of not breaking them.
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    I've had a Dol-Fin on my 40 HP Yamaha outboard, on a 16' soft top Sea Runner for the last 10 or 12 years and it made a big difference in getting up on step quicker as well as stabilizing the ride once you get up there. Never had a brakage problem even with some pretty tough use at times. I would replace it before my next trip if it did ever break.

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    Default I have two

    on my twin 50's. does good. same year i put new props on so really can't compare to anything, put them on the second season with the new boat. but i can haul a lot of weight and still cruise 30mph. steers like a dream once trimmed up. it does get on step pretty fast even with all the weight. easy to install. some of the other brands you listed want work with all brands of outboards. duo fin is what i have looks like a lot of others do too. so i recommend those.

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    Default sting ray

    I think we have the sting ray on our 40 yamaha. It is awesome and I would DEFINATELY recommend one on there. I use mine alot in mud, weeds, and shallow water and I can jump up on step alot faster than people with the hydro foil on theirs. Fact is, it allows me to take my boat where other prop users won't because of getting on step faster in the mud and weeds.

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    Default Depends on the boat...

    I put a hydrafoil on my 20' Olympic glass boat. I don't recall the brand, but it was one of those mentioned earlier. It really impacted the performance of my boat negatively. It did make the boat get on step faster, and it did make the boat ride better when going through really small waves, but overall it wasn't worth it. With the foil installed, the boat handled very poorly when turning and it was a really unstable ride. My wife-to-be loves to drive the boat, but it got to the point where she was scared to drive it with the foil on.

    My advice, only install it if you feel that your boat is really underpowered and you have difficulty getting on step. In that case, it would probably help without hurting your performance. If you try it and don't like it, you can always take it off (like I did).

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    My 22-foot SeaRunner hardtop is a little underpowered with my Yamaha F115 (you always learn something when you buy your first boat. ). I put the larger-sized SE Sport on my outboard to try and get it to plane quicker. I don't notice so much that it gets on plane any quicker, but I do notice a lot better ride. I can keep the motor trimmed up, and still keep the bow from bouncing in the chop. Before, I would have to trim the motor down and plow through the chop to try and reduce the pounding. I can also stay on plane at a slower speed than without the hydrofoil....probably 4-5 MPH slower planing speed. Without the hydrofoil, I would come off step at 20-22 MPH, but with the hydrofoil, I can stay on plane down to 17-18 MPH. This makes a big difference in sloppy seas. My top speed was not affected. I still get about 32 MPH at WOT.

    I found the SE Sport to be well worth $50 and the 20 minutes it takes to install it.

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    I had a 19 1/2' Woods with a 4.3 Merc with an Alpha 1 which would ride stern heavy and just had a difficult time to stay on plane unless you were at 1/2 + throttle. I put on a Piranha Hydrofoil and it picked up the stern and kept it on plane at a much lower speed. I could trim out the drive allot more than with out it. The bow stayed down 100% better than before and we took allot less pounding from the chop. Here is the link to it . If I remember right I even picked up a couple of MPH @ WOT. If you are worried about breakage then check out Permatrim Hydrofoils @ also check out The Hull Truth Forum in the Marine Vendors section of the forum regarding Permatrim Hydrofoils here is the link to it In my opinion they work and you might have to raise your motor a hole as this affects things also if it is set to low. I know it is allot of playing around but this is how we find out what will or will not work as per your application. I would recommend that you just check out The Hull Truth (THT) @ as there is a ton of info that you have to wade through and at times it is a brain over load. Good luck!
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