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Thread: Kings near Anchorage

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    Default Kings near Anchorage

    I have been wanting to go fishing for kings since i started fishing here but im starting a job up on the slope starting next week and by the time I get back, the season will be over. So this weekend is my first and last chance for this year! I'm just looking for recommendations on where I should go. I'll be leaving fri night and plan on spending that night and all day Saturday fishing. I'm in anchorage right now and can't really make It out longer than four ish hours away.

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    Ship creek will probably be your best bet. Eklutna Tail Race second. Everything else has EO's in effect. You could go and play some reds on the Kenai/Russian river, that might be better at least you have a better chance of getting action. Good luck!

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    Yep Ship Creek is the only game left really in South Central. you will want to use Roe (Nate's bait, black Cherry) behind a corky or spin-n-glow (red or hot pink is my preferance) with about an ounce of weight to stick it to the bottom and a slip bobber to tell you when you get a strike.

    fish about an hour before and after the high tide. the holes will be obvious as there will be lots of people around. there will be about 4 or 5 fish caught per tide, you're just hoping your the lucky one that day.
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    Have a friend in town for the month and took him down to ship this morning since big fish were being caught down there this time last year. Ill have to say dont waste your time or gas. Unless a late push of fish come kings are done for the year. The seals were already swimming around in ship about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. A sign that the run is most likely over.
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