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Thread: Anywhere in Seward to fish from the shore or dock?

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    Default Anywhere in Seward to fish from the shore or dock?

    Never been to Seward in the 7 years I have been in Alaska and we are taking our RV down the 6th 7th and 8th of July is there anywhere to cast out into the salt with an actual chance of catching something? Not looking to hook a giant or anything Ill be happy to catch anything from the salt and if there is anywhere where this is possible what kind bait to use I have never ocean fished in my life so I am completely new to it.

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    Ck the seward snagging thread. Can always do that if still open. There are places down by millers landing. You can also fish next to the old fish processing plant. Take the road to the right when you come to the T in front of the alaska sealife center think it is lowel point rooad. There will be a few people fishing there. Good luck.
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    If you want a chance other than standing shoulder to shoulder snagging reds try walking down to tonsina creek. Its a short easy hike and there are usually no people there. I have caught many fish there.

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    Not sure what is acceptable to you but I took my 7 yr old son off the boat docks in Seward. Used 3 inch berkley gulp minnow on a quarter oz jighead. We had dinner reservations so fished 30 minutes. Hooked something big that straightened out the hook. My son was horseing it in. Probably a big flounder and my son landed a decent starry flounder. So not bad for the time spent. My kid was happy.


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    Being from Kodiak I can't help you with where to fish, but a 3/8 ounce crocodile spoon will catch pretty much anything that swims in the ocean is what I throw from shore all the time. I've had best luck with the two tone chrome/blue or chrome/green and the rainbow trout color. White with holographic tape has been real good at times as well.
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