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Thread: Million Dollar Bridge & Miles Lake

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    Default Million Dollar Bridge & Miles Lake

    This picture was taken the other day(april 11th) by one of the biologists in cordova on a flyover of the delta. Da kings is comming !!!
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    boy thats pretty
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    Great picture. Awesome.

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    Default Cordova

    We spent six days in Cordova last June, and it was awesome. When we went up to that bridge, there were lots of kings and I don't know, 30,000 reds a day coming up? (according to the numbers anyway) The thing is no one fished the copper on the way up, I didn't see one person fishing, and I sort of wonder why? I know it's big and hard to target, but? I even saw a bunch of reds wash up on the rocks flipping around when a huge piece of the glacier fell in (childs glacier I think it was called).
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    Talking Million Buck Bridge

    Great picture. Thanks for sharing. We'll be there 5 months from today. Can't wait to tie into some of those BIG silvers once again. Might even have to try to my luck on the black bear. Cordova is truly a beautiful area...if ya like the rain!!!

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