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Thread: CRCDFEC New Feature: Finally

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    Default CRCDFEC New Feature: Finally

    Eyak Fishwheel Data is available online now, at

    I've added a chart to my site showing just the numbers for the 2 Canyon Creek fishwheels. This should really be interesting.

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    Thanks for the link that's good information. I'm hoping that F&G will be looking closely at this and holding off on jumping the gun for shutting down upriver king fishing. We'll see how it goes though, no king's counted on the Gulkana yet.

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    Are those the actual numbers caught or are they multiplied by something? I'm unclear how to interpret this data. If the actual numbers, they seem pretty low....

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    Those are actual numbers caught. For the chart on my site, I don't care about tagged, released unmarked, examined unmarked, recapture or cumulative info. All I want to know is how many the two fishwheels at Canyon Creek have caught on any particular day.

    You'll notice a big difference in the profile of the Miles Lake sonar counts and daily totals at Canyon Creek. On the Canyon Creek chart, you can clearly see the first glob of fish between May 30th and June 5th. These are the ones we were watching at Salmon Point bookin' it through. Between the 6th and the 10th (opening weekend) the bottom fell out, then the 11th through the 18th, a larger glob of fish moved through, which are the ones Jerod's boat was catching.

    So, for planning purposes, the Miles Lake data will help plan your trip date ahead of time, but what you actually find in the DZ will be indicated by what is happening at the Canyon Creek fishwheels.

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    Alright, thanks for the clarification. Almost real-time numbers. Pretty cool.

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    Default More Intel Added

    I've added the Baird Camp Eyak Fishwheel counts to the mix.

    It's interesting to see how the run movement progresses after the Miles Lake counter.

    Baird Camp fishwheels are roughly one salmon-travel day upriver from Miles Lake.

    To see how this shakes out, take yesterday's and today's ADF&G sonar counts and you can see that they have not yet hit the Baird Camp fishwheels. The upward trend on the Baird chart is likely from the preceding week. Those fish may have been holing up due to the high water levels. With the water levels dropping now, we've got more movement.

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    Default Surge Comparison Chart

    Yet another chart on the site.

    OK, so the Miles Lake numbers have been divided by 500 so that the fishwheel surges are even detectable at the same scale.

    See if we can figure this out:

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    Default Now featuring Hem's Rating

    Hem's Chitina Fishing Report now visually interpreted on a scale of 10. When disagreements with the Predictive Fishometer occur, go with Hem's Rating.

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    Default USFWS/Eyak Fishwheel End of Season

    We ceased tagging operations at Baird as of Saturday July 7th. We will continue to sample for recaptures at Canyon Creek until the 17th. Thank you for your support.


    FYI for those using the Eyak/USFWS fishwheel data to time kamikaze runs.

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