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Thread: 200 Opti Sport Jet Oil Leak

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    Default 200 Opti Sport Jet Oil Leak

    Power Head Oil Leak:
    With in the last several months, I've several customers who've expierenced a nasty oil leak from the engine mounted oil tank. The oil bleed cap easily strips, thus allows the tank to over flow. Merc has redesigned the tank (I got my first one today) and they should be available soon. New style is pic'd on the left..
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    So would this be a free (manufacture defect) fix from Merc?

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    I'm not sure what Mercury's course of action will be.

    Per the pics, a 1/2" #10 self tapper will secure the cap.
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    Correction; 3/8" #10 Self Tapper.

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    Did merc change the Cap?

    The self dapper maybe good for the folks that have NOT had the treads stripped, mine was stripped from someone prior to delivery. Marita sea and ski replaced mine last year with the same type. (hasn't leaked yet) Unless Merc changed the cap with the new style, the problem may still occur, plastic treads cross treaded get damaged in quick second.


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