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Thread: Summer Solstice Rifle Match Fort Richardson Come shoot

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    Default Summer Solstice Rifle Match Fort Richardson Come shoot

    The Good news is we get to shoot on Pedneau this Thursday evening...

    The Alaska Rifle Club Summer Solstice Match will be held at the Ft.
    Richardson Pedneau range on Thursday, June 21. Sign up time will be
    5pm(1700) in the parking lot and a fee of $15.00 per shooter will be charged. We will start shooting at 6pm.

    Who want to shoot, at a target 600 yards away, in the evening on the longest day of the year? It is a good opportunity to experiment with something different. This is a 600 yard match with unlimited sighters and twenty shots for record in thirty minutes. Shooters will be required to pull targets and score. Bring what you've got and shoot what you have. There will be all rifle disciplines and some hunting rifles, Garands and who knows what. This is a fun match with no NRA limitations other than safety and scoring.

    ...the bad news is we will not be able to shoot any of our scheduled matches on Pedneau until August. The contractor working on the range behind Pedneau is hoping to finish by July 31.

    Hope to see you Thursday!

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club

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    bpt bpt bpt come shoot 600 yards

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    If I aint on the rivers, I'll be there, still got a valid range card.


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