We are making another trip to Alaska, however this time we are coming a little later in the year, and are bringing the wives. Seems they got tired of hearing about Alaska and decided they wanted to see it.

We'll be leaving Anchorage, headed to Resurrection Creek, August 24th. Was thinking Bird Creek is along the way and seems it has a Silver Run that time of year (I think).

It is our first trip on an even year and was hoping there will still be some pinks in Resurrection Creek.
Going to White Water Raft, 6 mile, then head for the Sterling Soldotna Area. Depending on the weather we'll a DIY Drift on Swan Creek for two day, then Fly into the Upper Russian and hike out over 3 days.
Theh we are headed out and around to Homer. Was thinking of hitting Anchor Creek for Silvers, tide is moderate for clams, then pitching bait of the end of the Spit.

We'll finish up by kayaking the bay, then headed back to the airport.

Was just looking for some quidance on something we may be driving past and maybe some fly recommendations. We usually fish Mid July and strip streamers or drift eggs patterns. It's a little later and was wondering if we should be looking at something else, maybe flesh patterns.

Have never fished Silvers, so that is a whole new beast......any thoughts would be appreciated.