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Thread: proper thaw procedure?

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    Default proper thaw procedure?

    Hey all I got my first bear this year and a couple days after taking it I was going on vacation so I froze the hide in my deep freezer. It was put in approx 4 hrs after it was down and put skin to skin then rolled up. It still has the skull and feet inside which I need to get out for sealing. Is there a proper way to let it thaw before fleshing/ finishing it out? I have quite a bit of fur handling experience from the trapline however those thaw SLOW and still remain at a cool temp ( around 40 or so in my garage) since it is summer it is way hot in the interior and really hot in my garage ( around 85) I guess my question is are there any issues with it thawing TOO FAST? and how long can it be thawed in these temps before slippage occurs? There is NO salt on it. Like I said my experience has been in winter where the temps dont get warm enough for it to be an issue.

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    DO NOT try to speed up the thawing.

    Take it out of the plastic bag & leave it in a cool place like on a concrete floor.

    Will take 2 days to properly thaw.

    If you are bringing it to us you can leave the feet in & not flesh it.

    We Do not charge extra for fleshing or skinning.

    You can get away with thawing enough to skin the head out for sealing & putting it back in the freezer as long as it stays cold & does not sit out for any more time than needed for sealing.


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