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Thread: Freight on the Big Su. My what i suggest.

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    Default Freight on the Big Su. My what i suggest.

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you guys know about a service I used on the river. Mike Mason runs a freight business both summer and winter on the big su and surrounding areas. I had a boat I had to move back from beluga and he was extremely knowledgable of the river and how to move heavy freight in the area. I went along to move the boat and was very happy with his service. Everything went smoothly and he knew how to move cargo with care. He has multiple snowmachines with large cargo hauling trailers and a nice freight boat capable of moving plenty of cargo. He knows the area better than anyone I've met and was friendly and helpful! Just wanted to let you guys know. You can message him on this forum under the name Alexander or you can message me and ill have him call you!

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