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Thread: Valley Kings - Late??

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    Default Valley Kings - Late??

    So I don't know if this is just wishful thinking on the parts of some, but folks are starting to comment about how the lack of kings we have seen this season is just due to them being "a week or so" late. With us having a longer winter than normal, what are your thoughts?

    The Deshka count is creeping up but it is still under 5,000 cumulative. With a minimum escapement goal of 13,000 and the season starting its slow ebb those fish had better be getting in there!

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    I wish they were a week late, my take is were heading for more restrictions, like no bait on the deshka within a week then close it shortly after that,just my prediction, its a state wide not just the anchor or kenai,little su etc.....please let me be wrong.....
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    You're not wrong.

    Expect to add Klutina and Gulkana to that list of EO's as well. I see ADFG already issued a no king retention for the dippers.... said no fish had moved past the Gulkana counting tower at the time they issued the EO.

    A total of approximately 9,363 king salmon have been harvested within the Copper River District commercial gillnet fishery as of June 7. This is less than half of the last 10-year average of 21,081 king salmon and 3,090 fish below the recent 5-year average of 12,453 king salmon. Through June 10, no king salmon have passed the Gulkana River counting tower. Cumulative counts from 20022011, through June 10, have averaged 35 king salmon with only 4 out of 10 years observing zero king salmon past the tower by this date.
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