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Thread: PFDs. Might as well use them

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    Default PFDs. Might as well use them

    While at Chitina Saturday, for about half an hour I watched about 7 boats dipping above the bridge. Only saw one red netted during that time. Everyone was wearing PFDs except for one boat with 3 young (term is relative) guys. No PFDs on, but 3 PFDs laying in the boat. The fourth person in the boat, the "old" guy, had his on. One time when the driver goosed the boat, one of the guys without a PFD on who was standing on the bow almost fell into or out of the boat. If you're going to have PFDs in the boat, then it's best to use them. Not preaching. Well, maybe just a bit. Also saw a few boats that bearly made way upriver at what sounded like full throttle. I wonder how many people launched their boat in the Copper only to find out that they didn't have enouth horsepower. Good weather over the weekend.

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    It always surprises me at the risks people take on that river. We saw a little 16 foot narrow jon boat with a 35 horse on it dredging down below the canyon. Not sure I'd enjoy that ride at all. We also see lots of folks on the rocks without life jackets on that are standing precariously over the river. I don't mind when I see adults doing this, but what gets me upset is when I see 3-4 year olds running around on the rocks next to the river while the parents are dipnetting. We saw a couple of young kids this year chasing each other around on the rocks behind their dad in a pretty dangerous area. Just not worth the chance.

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    Jerod that 35 hp is what towed the hews craft to shore got around great

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