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Thread: Good weekend at Chitina

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    Default Good weekend at Chitina

    We left Fairbanks at 5am on Thursday and we were on the river by 1pm. Three people, 6 permits and bleak fishing reports had us a little nervous about our trip. We pulled into our "secret" spot, and it produced one red after about an hour of dipping. We decided to head to the canyon to see if we couldn't do better down there. I decided to zip past a couple other locations that we'd done well in the past and go straight to dredging. we gave it a few passes, and pulled in a few, so we dropped coolers and extra nets on the shore and took half hour shifts running the boat. After 5 hours, Tony had 20, Frank had 20 and I pulled in 40 fish, each of us with one king. 80 was a good number to stop at, so we went to fresh water, cleaned up fish and headed back to camp. About 11pm my brother and his family along with my dad showed up so we set up a camp fire, discussed the next day and went to bed around 12:30pm.

    We got up around 8, and hit the water around 9:30, late start. My dad and brother took his boat to the normal spot, and we went back to the canyon. They showed up after an hour and we got two boats working together. I seemed to have the system down, so I jumped in my dad's boat while he drove, and I gave the Predator to the other three. They pulled in about 20 fish, including a few nice kings, and I managed 30 more reds. We went to fresh water to clean and have some lunch, pulling in 77 more fish in a few hours. I drove for a while and we managed 72 more fish in the next couple of hours, so we got to shore, cleaned them up and since it was only around 6, we decided to give it another hour before heading back to camp. We caught 20 more, but tossed back about 40 since we were being very selective. Lots of scarred up fish and several very small reds were sent upstream.

    Saturday morning we got another late start, but found that the fishing had come to a screeching halt. We pulled in 11, but had to toss back a king as I had finally brought in my final one. None of the boats were doing good around us, and more were pulling in, so we called it a morning and headed back to camp. I was tagged out, and my neighbor that came down with me had his proxy filled plus 20 on his own tag, so he was happy with that. Tony was 10 fish from filling his two tags and supp's as well, but I think he was going to try to pull those in before heading home. We packed up and headed to Fairbanks at 4pm, and my dad and brother spent another afternoon there and should be on the road home now.

    The last picture shows our scuba bags. They fit 15 whole reds, and 20 headed and gutted reds per bag.

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    Outstanding Jarod and congrats! The post and pictures are appreciated. Hope some are aound when I get back home on the 25th!

    Experience Real Alaska!

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    Read Jerod's report carefully and do the math...

    Note that he not only outfished us 2:1 on the first round, he outfished us 3:1 on the second round. After that, I was too confused to keep track of my own count, let alone who else caught how many and the proxies out of the total and how many left thing with kings.

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    Nice job! Looks awesome! Can't wait to get down on the river lol!


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