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Thread: Valdez Charter for a fishing purist?

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    Default Valdez Charter for a fishing purist?

    Can anyone steer me to a charter Captain in Valdez who might be a bit more flexible in catering to the whims of a fishing purist?

    I've got a buddy visiting who wants to catch some fish in the salt on his fly rod and light spinning tackle, actually playing the fish a bit instead of just hauling them in ASAP.

    Unfortunately we can't afford to book the whole boat, so, I'm looking for a Captain who might be a bit more patient in letting my buddy target silvers, halibut and lings on his own tackle.

    My buddy knows he'll be fishing around the rest of the boat who most likely will be looking to fill their freezer, but, he still wants to try.

    Any suggestion would be very welcome.


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    i sure you will never find a captain that will let someone fly fish from his boat while 5 other people are trying to fish within feet of each other... esp when they paid hundreds of dollars to do so

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    Here's an insight for you that might help your buddy in his search. A couple of buddies of mine who charter (not in Valdez or anywhere on the road system) do allow anglers to bring their own light tackle or fly gear on "head" trips rather than whole boat, but with some provisions. Fly fishing is done ONLY from the bow. And when using light tackle there is no expectation that other clients will stop fishing and bring up their lines while the light tackle angler goes through a long fight. If the light line gets wrapped around the heavier lines, tuff. Sometimes the other clients make the decision reel in just to watch the show, but if the fight stretches they're free to lower their lines again and the heck with the battle.

    If your bud can live with that and feel he's had his money's worth, he should explain that to the boat driver. It might open the door a crack, but the boat crew will not be sympathetic if your bud starts throwing tantrums- at sea or on the dock.

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    My buddy has done this off of my boat..not easy and unless the fish are shallow and close to the boat..not worth the trouble he said.

    Sounds like you friend needs to "buy the boat" for the day or look at other options.
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