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Thread: Sheep Hunt Food Stash?

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    Wink Sheep Hunt Food Stash?

    Just curious where do you, sheep hunters, store your food when on a sheep hunt high in the mountains? Thanks
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    belly! We usually start from a river, so we leave our food stash in a cooler that is DUCT taped closed. I've heard of people hanging it in trees, etc. This past year, we stored it inside a cooler in the boat. When floating with a raft, have the cooler in the trees away from the raft. One our day trips once in the mountains, we leave our food in garbage bags near tent. No bears yet, knock on wood.

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    I always go the freeze dry route and carry my food and camp with me until i reach the place where I want to base out of. Then I leave it there while I am hunting.

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    My daily rations are packaged in vacuum pack bags. I usually find a hollow in some large rock formation and hide the packets there. Cover it up with rocks as much as possible. Haven't had bear probs above timberline, but have lost a bit of trail mix to ground squirrels.

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    Default Food Cache

    I too carry all of my food on my person while sheep hunting 'til I set up camp in the alpine. I picked up an Ursack ( a couple of seasons ago which holds anything "smelly." While I am not 100% certain that this sack would save my edibles from a hungry bear, I am certain is has kept marmots and other tundra creatures from getting in my food. One situation on a backpacking trip last year in the Chugach my bud and I were heading to our kitchen when we saw some paper on the tundra, upon closer investigation it was obviously wrapping from instant oatmeal...his next day's breakfast! He had his food in a Ziplock, mine in the Ursack side-by-side in some rocks well above tree level and some visitors feasted on his stash and mine was unaffected.


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