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Thread: Where's a good place to find a cabin rental by river boat?

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    Question Where's a good place to find a cabin rental by river boat?

    I'm looking for a good cabin to rent so I can take my wife and kids out for a couple day's. What I'm looking for is somewhere that is accessable by my jet boat (21' Inboard 200hp). My plan is, take a boat run up the river to a cabin, hang out, fishing for anything would be an added bonus, and ultimately get away for 3-4 day's. I live in Anchorage and have no issue driving for a few hours. My boating experience is at an intermediate level. I'm not sure of any places that I can do this. Does anywhere off of the Talkeetna river have something like this (cabins to rent)? Or is there any better spots? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I think there are rental cabins at Lake Creek lodge. Nice area. Not sure if you have to be a fishing client, though.

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    Skwentna Roadhouse has rental cabins.

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    Ray and Shirley, owners of EagleQuest Lodge, have a cabin on the Yentnaabove Skwentna that they may rent out.


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    To those that have posted in this thread, Thank You very much!!!


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